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Special Rollers: Nova SiCar

Nova Sicar    

Silicon carbide-based refractory roller.

The NOVASICAR roller has a high thermal conductivity given by a remarkable percentage of silicon carbide in the roller components. The NOVASICAR roller does not bend in the fast cooling zone, where it is subject to the high temperature coming from the moving material and the simultaneous introduction of forced cold air.

By using this roller we keep the correct tiles planarity and movement inside the kiln with the optimization of the production output.

Typical Use:

  •  rapid cooling zone


Bulk density                                     2,18 - 2,28 Kg/dm3

Apparent porosity                                    20  -  23     %

Water absorption                                     8,5  -  10    %

Modulus of rupture R.T.                           > 40 N/mm2

Thermal expansion at 1000° C               0,37 - 0,43  %

Thermal shock resistance                     VERY GOOD


Data reported on this bulletin are the average of values obtained in our laboratory and do not constitute guarantee.

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VAT Number : IT 06803790010 | Info societarie