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Tips for Using and Roller Choice:
To get the best results in the use of ceramic rollers is essential to use some precautions. 
• Lower the kiln temperature before starting the replacement of the ceramic rollers. 
• Ceramic roller should be fitted dry into the kiln; they also should be kept in dry places (not outside) and should be dried before usage. For this purpose it is sufficient to place the ceramic rollers on the kiln hood at least for 24 hours;
• Refractory rollers should be in rotation both when fitted and during extraction or insertion These operations must be done as quickly as possible, in order to obtain a temperature distribution as homogeneous as possible along the roller itself. 
• To reduce thermal shock, it is necessary not to place extracted ceramic rollers in air streams or in contact with cold surfaces after the extraction from the kiln. It is good practice to keep the roller in rotation after the extraction for a few minutes, preferably up to cooling. 
• It should operate to reduce the possible interventions of cleaning rollers which limit its duration. 
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