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Ceramic rollers: Nova VHR


Newly-designed aluminous ceramic roller revealing an excellent mechanical strength to heavy load and high temperature even when there is a chemical aggression by the alkaline vapours released from the glazed or the body.

Although fired at high temperature, NOVA VHR also features an excellent resistance to thermal shock thus making this roller extremely versatile in its applications.

Typical Use:

-      glazed porcelain tiles

-      Single-firing kilns having a large useful width

Identification with Black-coloured ends and marking with the lot number and roller grade.



Chemical Analysis:        Al2 O             75 - 77  %      

                                     Si O2                16 - 18  %  

                                     Fe2 O3            0,5 - 0,9 %

Bulk density                            2,63 - 2,73 Kg/dm3

Apparent porosity                              19  -  22      %

Water absorption                              7   -  8,5      %

Modulus of rupture R.T.                    > 36 N/mm2

Thermal expansion at 1000° C        0,58 - 0,63     %

Thermal shock resistance                VERY GOOD


Data reported on this bulletin are the average of values obtained in our laboratory and do not constitute guarantee.

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VAT Number : IT 06803790010 | Info societarie