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Ceramic rollers: Nova HF-CR

Nova HF-CR

Aluminous refractory ceramic roller fired at extremely high temperature and with an improved resistance to the chemical aggression.

Novaref has designed this new roller with a modified matrix in order to reduce breakage problems during the extraction of the ceramic rollers or at the kiln shut-down in extremely aggressive firing conditions such as those where glazed porcelain tiles and monoporosa are fired.

The vapors absorbed by the ceramic rollers during operation react with this modified matrix by creating less stress between the outward imbued layer and the inward layer. As a result of this reaction the ceramic roller breakages will be drastically reduced.

Typical Use:

- Kilns with a very strong chemical attack inside

- monoporosa

Identification with Blue-coloured ends and marking with the lot number and ceramic roller grade. 


Chemical Analysis:    Al2 O3                       74   -    76  %      

                                    Si O2                     16,5 – 18,5  %  

                                    Fe2 O3                    0,5 - 0,9    %

Bulk density                                     2,72 - 2,82 Kg/dm3

Apparent porosity                                    16  -  19      %

Water absorption                                      5,7  -  7      %

Modulus of rupture R.T.                           > 36 N/mm2

Thermal expansion at 1000° C               0,58 - 0,63     %

Thermal shock resistance                       VERY GOOD


Data reported on this bulletin are the average of values obtained in our laboratory and do not constitute guarantee.

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VAT Number : IT 06803790010 | Info societarie