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Ceramic rollers: Nova HF

Nova HF    

Very high firing temperatures, very good performances in the event of thermal shocks, very low porosity and permeability to vapours: all these characteristics enable the ceramic roller NOVA HF to have exceptional performances.

NOVA HF offers a solution to every problem with firing in roller kilns.

Typical Use:

At high temperatures under heavy loads (for example klinker, very thick porcelain tiles, tableware, and so on) 

In the event of a very high chemical aggression by alkaline vapours

Yellow-coloured ends marked with number identifying the ceramic roller type


Chemical Analysis:    Al2 O3             78   -   80  %      

                                    Si O2            14   –   16  %  

                                    Fe2 O3         0,3  -   0,7  %

Bulk density                             2,80 - 2,90 Kg/dm3

Apparent porosity                              16  -  19     %

Water absorption                                5,5  -  7     %

Modulus of rupture R.T.                     > 40 N/mm2

Thermal expansion at 1000°C         0,56 - 0,61     %

Thermal shock resistance                      GOOD


Data reported on this bulletin are the average of values obtained in our laboratory and do not constitute guarantee.

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