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Nova HF-XP      

The High Fired-eXtra Performance ceramic roller offers higher performances than any other aluminous roller.

By using special raw materials in the new formulation and a particular extremely high temperature firing, this ceramic roller performs particularly well at high temperatures. 

The ‘creep’ has been reduced to a minimum, lower than 50% compared to Nova HF. So the ceramic roller has the lowest bending at high temperature even  when the kiln works under heavy conditions.

The ceramic roller’s porosity has been further reduced, in order to decrease the gases penetration, which may contain alkaline elements; and increases roller’s resistance to chemical aggressions.

Orange-coloured ends marked with number identifying the ceramic roller type


Chemical Analysis:    Al2 O3                    73 -  75  %      

                                    Si O2                   16 – 18  %  

                                    Fe2 O3                0,3 - 0,7 %

Bulk density                                  2,85 - 2,95 Kg/dm3

Apparent porosity                                   14  -  17      %

Water absorption                                    4,5  - 67      %

Modulus of rupture R.T.                        > 36 N/mm2

Thermal expansion at 1000° C             0,54 - 0,59     %

Thermal shock resistance                    VERY GOOD


Data reported on this bulletin are the average of values obtained in our laboratory and do not constitute guarantee.

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VAT Number : IT 06803790010 | Info societarie