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ZMS-MULLITE GRIT is a first quality refractory material, composed of mullite and corundum crystals.

It is produced by sintering a compound of alumina and clay in a shuttle kiln at around 1500° C.

It gives high resistance to thermal shock and chemical corrosion at elevated temperature, low-reversibility thermal expansion and excellent thermal stability.

ZMS-MULLITE GRIT is used in the refractory and iron/steel industries as well as in the ramming mixed and refractory mortars.


Chemical composition:


Si O2                    %             18,50

Al2 O3                         %            75,00

Zr O2                    %              4,00

Na2O                    %              0,25

Fe2O3                  %              0,33

Bulk density               g/cm3            1,20

Specific density          g/cm3            3,10


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VAT Number : IT 06803790010 | Info societarie